Australian Government Linked Data Working Group


LODE 2 is an updated version of LODE, "a service that automatically extracts classes, object properties, data properties, named individuals, annotation properties, general axioms and namespace declarations from an OWL and OWL2 ontology, and renders them as ordered lists, together with their textual definitions, in a human-readable HTML page".

Enter URL of ontology or upload a file.


OWLAPI OWLAPI + Imported OWLAPI + Closure

Extended options

Use the reasoner
Generate WebVOWL
Remove "Visualise with LODE" links (English only)
: or try 'it' for Italian or 'fr' for French.

Bad namespaces

Add namespaces that you would like to not include in your documentation. Each namespace must be on a new line.

→ Example:

Test ontologies

Use these ontology URIs to test the service by entereing them above.

Call the LODE service directly


This calls the LODE service with the OWLAPI+imported option, language as Italian and WebVOWL integration.